Welcome to Pink Aubergine Cupcakes

It’s about time that I wrote this blog post to introduce myself to you, and explain how Pink Aubergine came about.


It is time to put a face to this blog! Hello, I am Claire. I have always loved baking; like many little girls I baked with my Mum and my Nan whilst growing up. The idea to build a business based on Cupcakes grew from a time when I regularly baked cakes for friends and their children - I love seeing the look on someone’s face when they see and eat cake; it’s so expressive! Talking about cakes, cupcakes and baking brought out excitement, and the possibility of turning a hobby into a Business grew from there.

Having worked in the Corporate world for 20 years, the time was right to venture out on my own. Having always had an entrepreneurial streak, I really wanted to take the opportunity to build on the business I had put together. Working with large Companies, the demand for Corporate and Logo cupcakes came apparent; I love making hundreds and thousands of cupcakes - many people find that daunting, I thrive on it - luckily I have a head for figures! I am regularly found muttering to myself whilst multiplying recipes!


Pink Aubergine?

One thing I am often asked is - “why Pink Aubergine Cupcakes?”, “where did the name come from?” I’d love to say that there is a really deep meaning, but unfortunately not. When thinking about names, I didn’t want to go along the usual route (Claire’s Cakes, Delicious Cakes etc!); pink is my favourite colour, and anyone who knows me is very aware of my love of aubergines - I cook with them most days! I’m sure one day I will find or develop an aubergine cake recipe! My friend Sarah and I spent an hour chatting about it over a coffee; she gave me the confidence to go with it!

Corporate Cupcakes
Pink Aubergine Cupcakes

Country life

Callebaut Chocolate | Pink Aubergine Cupcakes

Living in the Peak District, I love to support other local businesses, and wherever possible use local ingredients. @FarmGirl is my local egg supplier; she is used to my last minute order increases and requests now.

Where I can’t use local products, using the finest quality is very important - it was a hard call to be chief chocolate tester!
I use Callebaut Belgian chocolate in all cupcakes and buttercream.

Quality ingredients and well tried and tested recipes will produce a high quality end product.


Cupcakes….in the post?

The day I discovered packaging that enabled Cupcakes to travel in the post securely was an amazing one, it meant that I could send my Cupcakes throughout the UK - over time the packaging has changed, and now has temperature control but remains one of the greatest finds for my business and has allowed us to grow.
The Cupcake by Post range is constantly changing and evolving, I love the idea of someone receiving a box, their delight on opening it and popping the kettle on to enjoy them with a cup of tea! If you receive one, please do pop a photo on social media and tag us in it!

Balancing the cake!

The problem with baking Cupcakes all day every day, is the temptation (need?) to taste them, especially when recipe developing. I luckily discovered a love of weight training 3 years ago, so am often found in the local gym at a ridiculously early hour - life is full of compromises! Thank you Transformation HQ!

Future plans

Keep an eye on what we are up to in the future, there are lots of ideas and plans! Vegan and gluten free diets are very popular now, as are vegetable based cakes and natural sugars, and of course Cupcakes for Dogs, look out for pictures of my little pooch online soon, he’s desperate to star in this blog!

The future is certainly a busy one in our kitchens, sign up to updates on Social Media to keep up to date with our exciting plans
and do get in touch if there is anything you would like us to try out!

Claire Humphreys